Do Babies Know What to Eat? Eating Tips For Babies.

babies are allowed to choose what they want (or need) to eat from the foods offered at mealtimes, and their parents are often surprised by how well balanced the baby’s chosen diet is over the course of a week or so. There has been little reliable research into whether babies really do know what to eat instinctively, but an extraordinary experiment in the 1920s and 1930s by an American pediatrician, Dr. Clara Davis, is certainly food for thought.


Do Babies Know What to Eat?

Do Babies Know What to Eat? Many children refuse to eat foods that considered good for them. Most pediatricians gave parents strict instructions about what, how much, and how often their child was to be fed. But Dr. Davis suspected that it was this very strictness that was the cause of the problem and that telling or even forcing children to eat certain foods made things worse. She had a theory that babies knew best when it came to what they needed to eat.

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